Jakarta, 3 December 2018. Tekiro Tools, a trusted brand of Engineering and Automotive tools, supports the Surabaya Institute of Technology (ITS) Antenaena Team at the Energy Saving Car Contest (KMHE) held at Padang State University, West Sumatra on November 27 - 1 December 2018. In this contest Antasena Team won 3rd place Urban MPD Diesel and 3rd place for FDR Award.

The Antasena Team is a collection of ITS College students whose purpose is to create the latest energy-based technology research work that can be applied for the progress and prosperity of the Indonesian people. Another thing the team is also expected to be able to create energy-efficient cars powered by Hydrogen, electricity, diesel and hybrid. Antasena itself has won several times in the championship of energy-efficient cars both at national and international levels.

"Tekiro has always been committed to be able to support government programs in the field of education, ITS was chosen because this university has a strong commitment in the effort to print qualified future generations of the nation", said Stephanus Santoso, Vice President Director of Tekiro.