Tekiro Now Available in International Market


TEKIRO Tools is a trusted brand for high-quality hand tools product which provides wide range of product selections from industrial to home-use.

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About Tekiro International

TEKIRO Tools is the largest tool brand in Indonesia since XXXX by dominating more than 70% of tool’s market share. We have been carefully planning for the international business expansion by continuously improving the product quality.

TEKIRO Tools has been made available in Sri Lanka since XXXX. In 2019, TEKIRO Tools is launched in Malaysia; and started to be exporting to Thailand in 2020. As we continue to grow in international market, we also stand strong in our home ground by winning the Top Brand Award for 7 conservative years in 2021

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Where To Buy In International Market


Tekiro Available in Malaysia.


Tekiro Available in Thailand

Sri Lanka

Tekiro Available in Sri Lanka

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