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Receive a Visit from Vocational School, Tekiro Education Student

Jakarta, January 23, 2019. A total of 70 people from West Cikarang 1 Vocational High School (SMK) Vocational High School Engineering and Business Department representatives, on Wednesday (01/23) visited the Tekiro Tools office located in North Jakarta. This visit was in the context of realizing the Link and Match program between the school and the industry / company and increasing students’ competence in the business and industrial world. Representatives consisting of students and accompanying teachers were received directly by the management and employees of Tekiro in his office, Jakarta.

Tekiro Tools is a brand of engineering and automotive tools that are currently widely used by vocational schools throughout Indonesia to practice their workshops. One of the goals of the arrival of SMK 1 Cikarang Barat is to find out more about the excellence and quality of Tekiro tools. “We are happy to be present at this Tekiro office, hopefully the knowledge gained by students can be applied in schools and in everyday life, and we hope this collaboration can continue”, said Drs Jumanto, Automotive Engineering instructor from SMK 1 Cikarang Barat .

During the one-day visit the students were invited to tour the building to be introduced to the Tekiro product variants accompanied by the practice of testing the quality of Tekiro products guided by a team from the Product & Development department.